Cannabis Education

Marijuana plants have existed around the world for thousands of years with Americans throughout the 1900s commonly using cannabis for pain management, but only recently has it become legal to purchase marijuana in Alaska. With new cultural and legal shifts, there’s a need for extensive medical marijuana research and education, so we’re able to enjoy everything this plant has to offer as a well-informed community.

Here are some of the most common cannabis questions, from information about CBD (which is a very different element than marijuana’s psychoactive THC) to sources of credible national cannabis research and recent reputable scientific studies.

What is CBD?

The letters ‘CBD’ stand for Cannabidiol, which is just one of the multiple active elements naturally produced in cannabis plants. CBD is commonly known for its affects on the body without the unwanted psychoactive side effect brought on by THC (the part of marijuana that gets you “high”).

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FAQs: Common Cannabis Questions

What’s the difference between THC and CBD? Do you need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis products in Alaska? What part of the marijuana plant are you actually smoking or ingesting? See answer to some of the most common cannabis-related questions right here.

Cannabis FAQs