Glacier Extracts

Glacier Extracts Cannabis Manufacturing

Glacier Extracts is a marijuana processing and manufacturing operation. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, the Glacier Extracts executive team is comprised of three board certified pain physicians and Alaska’s largest potato farmer as the primary cultivator.

Not Just Pure: Glacier Pure

What makes the Glacier Extracts difference and sets us apart from other Alaska marijuana manufacturers? Simply put, we create the purest cannabis concentrates on the market.

We’ve brought state-of-the-art extraction technologies to the last frontier. With our investments in acquiring the most cutting-edge, high-end cannabis extraction technologies, paired with classic mechanical extraction techniques, Glacier Extracts is able to consistently create the absolute purest, unadulterated cannabinoid extractions in Alaska (- maybe even the world).

Our custom-built, brand new extraction facility is complete with the strictest clean environment operating room to guarantee the purest and most consistent product possible.

The Glacier Extracts team creates only nutraceutical-grade extractions, meaning our products are entirely free of harmful solvents or contaminants. Unlike any other cannabis extractor in the state, we utilize terpene-preserving subcritical liquid CO2 extraction process.

Unlike most other marijuana manufacturing operations, our ultra-pure CO2 vape pen oils will never contain hydrocarbons, alcohol or artificial flavors. We also promise that our products will never contain PG, VG or PEG additives for viscosity.

Our concentrates and extractions aren’t just pure – they’re glacier pure.

Core Glacier Extracts Products

In the marijuana industry, many processors rely on dangerous chemicals in order to create their extractions.

Glacier Extracts holds a firm commitment to respecting your body by creating the cleanest grade cannabis concentrates available.

While our product line is still expanding, our core THC/CBD concentrate products are:

  • Glacier Vape Pen (with an assortment of cartridge refills)
  • Glacier Melts (solvent-free bubble hash & rosins)
  • Glacier Caps (capsules containing 5mg THC & varying amounts of CBD)