Vaping: The Popular Cannabis Trend

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In the early 1900s, cannabis was legal in the United States, but not nearly as many unique products existed. With the increase in technology over the decades, we’ve also seen a sharp increase in the variety of cannabis products and number of ways to consume it. Now more than ever, vaping is becoming perhaps one of the most popular methods to use cannabinoids.

What does it means to “vape”?

What is “vaping”? In terms of medical or recreational marijuana use, “vaping” refers to inhaling pure cannabinoid and terpene-rich vapors, derived from the cannabis plant. These vapors become airborne and are created by heating some sort of cannabis concentrate. Although both involving inhalation, vaping is considered a different consumption method than smoking.

Vaping Versus Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana, or cannabis, generally refers to smoking the actual cannabis flower, either in a bong, joint or pipe. When someone refers to ‘smoking’ cannabis, they usually mean starting with loose or rolled dried plant material, then lighting it to inhale the smoke, which contains THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. But as with burning most things, smoking doesn’t only create the THC/CBD-rich vapor – you’re also creating and inhaling smoke and other carcinogens that aren’t good for your lungs.


When you vape, you’re starting with a cannabis concentrate product that no longer resembles dried plant matter. It’s completely pure and doesn’t contain flammable organic matter.


When you smoke marijuana flower from a pipe, you’re left with ashes. But with concentrates (and vaping), there are no ashes.


Concentrates are created by a manufacturing process to remove the plant material that doesn’t contain beneficial chemical compounds, leaving the user with only a very concentrated, pure product. High quality concentrates don’t contain anything in them besides what will turn into clean vapor with no residue leftover, which is the primary difference between smoking and vaping.


*Hillside Wellness is not the author of this article and suggests that any consumer of marijuana and marijuana products conduct their own independent research to verify the right method of consumption for them.