How Many Mg of THC Should I Take When Eating Cannabis Edibles?

Apr 30, 2022 | Cannabis Blog

THC edibles are a common way of enjoying your marijuana. Instead of smoking or vaping it, you just pop edibles and experience the relaxing effect of cannabis on your body.

You can find gummies, chocolates, cakes, candy, and caramels. Even drinks and sodas! Cannabis manufacturers are designing new THC products every day to cover all tastes and preferences.

If you want to try cannabis edibles, you will probably want to calculate how much THC you are taking. This will give you a good estimate of how much THC works for you and what makes you comfortable.

You will find the right THC edible dosage with trial and error. A lot depends on your body, metabolism, age, and tolerance to THC. Before you jump into your THC edibles experience, read our guide to help you choose the right THC product for you.

How Much THC Should I Get from Edibles?

It can be hard to calculate how much THC your body and mind need because it depends on many variables.

For instance, people who are used to taking THC can consume more mg of THC edibles than novices who are only now starting their cannabis journey.

People with a higher metabolism, like athletes or people who exercise a lot, will metabolize their THC faster than people with more sedentary lives. As a result, they may need more THC to feel an effect. Also, the effect may not last as long.

There are many additional factors that come into play. For example, a lean person who hasn’t had lunch and eats a THC edible will feel the effects differently compared to a larger person who has just eaten lunch. Additionally, as THC is lipophilic, in the latter case it will attach to any fat present in the food and the effect will last longer.

Most people trying out THC for the first time follow the “start low, go slow” rule and start with a low dosage:

  • A low THC dosage is generally considered to be less than 10 mg. You could start with 2 to 5 mg for mild effects and improved focus and mental acuity.
  • A THC dosage of 5 to 15 mg is thought of as an average dosage for people with more persistent health expectations or those who already have some casual experience of THC and cannabis.
  • THC dosages of 30 to 50 mg are for seasoned THC consumers who have a high THC tolerance due to past experience. These are also people who are looking for the maximum effect. In many cases, however, such high THC doses may cause hallucinations, cognitive impairment, euphoria, and impaired motor coordination.

How Do I Know How Much THC My Edibles Contain?

It is easy to know how much THC your edibles contain: all you have to do is check the label. It should mention the total THC contained in the package, the THC content per edible, and the number of servings in the package.

For instance, if your package states that it contains 100 mg of THC and there are 10 serving portions, then you will be getting 10 mg per portion. The package should also mention what each serving portion means: how many edibles are considered one serving portion? Perhaps 5 gummies make one serving portion.

Alaska marijuana law considers a serving portion to contain 10 mg of THC. As each package can only contain 10 portions, this means a total of 100 mg of THC per package.

A recent study [1] by a consortium for the Colorado Department of Revenue explored the marijuana equivalency in portion and dosage. The study concluded that 1 gram of cannabis flowers is equivalent to 3 edibles of 10 mg of THC each. One ounce of flowers equals 83 edibles.

How Long Will Edible THC Last in My Body?

Most people who are used to pre-rolls and flowers need a bit of adjustment to THC edibles, as eating THC produces a more intense and lasting effect on the body compared to inhaling or smoking cannabis.

Edibles turn into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a compound produced when the liver metabolizes cannabis. This compound has potent results and multiplies the overall effect of THC.

However, it takes longer to produce an effect because edible THC needs to pass first through the digestive tract and liver. Therefore, you should expect to feel the effects of THC within 2 hours of ingestion, reaching their peak after about 3 hours. The effects should last for 5 to 6 hours, by which time the body starts discarding the cannabis.

A 2016 study concluded that regular cannabis users find the effects of oral Δ9-THC to be qualitatively different from those of smoked cannabis and that they need some time to adjust to THC edibles [2].

Why Should I Take THC Edibles?

THC edibles are better for your health because they don’t involve any respiratory risks. Instead of smoking or inhaling anything, you just pop delicious edibles in your mouth.

Additionally, THC edibles can give your body and mind a longer marijuana effect, elongating the experience with differing effects than those who have smoked or vaped it.

Marijuana edibles are discreet and you don’t need to carry with you paraphernalia that’s required to smoke your marijuana. Taken out of their cannabis labeled packaging, there’s usually very little to distinguish between these and other regular treats. That’s a danger as much as it is convenience, keep that in mind.

Edibles are also less intrusive. People sometimes don’t appreciate the smell of cannabis, so they can find your habit annoying if you smoke around them. With edibles, there is no such risk.

Finally, THC edibles are easily accessible. Visit our Hillside Natural Wellness marijuana dispensary and you will find a large selection of marijuana edibles to suit your needs.

Things to Know before Experimenting with THC Edibles

Because edible marijuana takes longer to take effect, some people get impatient and take more edibles. In this case, they risk dosing over an amount that might be comfortable. With marijuana, This is not necessarily dangerous but can cause unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, and hallucinations.

Give your body time to metabolize the THC edibles, or you could end up eating too many. The THC levels in your body will build up and could create extreme euphoria and heavily sedating effects.

Remember that cannabis may interact with several drugs, so consult your physician before trying THC. Also be careful if you have a personal or family history of psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or suffer from a liver, kidney, heart, or lung condition.

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