What is CBD?

The letters ‘CBD’ stand for Cannabidiol, which is just one of the active elements naturally produced in cannabis plants, most concentrated in the plant’s flower bud.

Many people associate marijuana solely with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), not realizing that there’s a lot more to this plant than just a psychoactive “high”.

When you purchase a cannabis product in Alaska, the container label will tell you how much THC and CBD it contains per product, so you’re able to regulate what dosage works well with your body chemistry and what doesn’t work. Everyone has a different tolerance level and body chemistry, so some users may require more or less to see desired results.

Does CBD Get You “High”?

No! While CBD is an active cannabinoid (chemicals found naturally in cannabis plants), CBD does not get you high the way THC does.

While cannabis is strongly associated with THC because of its infamous intoxicating properties, CBD is another cannabinoid (also organically occurring in marijuana plants), but CBD affects the body and brain differently than THC. CBD is commonly known to have effects on the body, but without the psychoactive or euphoric side effects that many medical users want to avoid.

As far as marijuana as a plant, there are local Alaskan varieties (or “strains”), and more strains are being cultivated every day in an attempt to reach the new balances of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, based on consumer demand. Now that there’s a legal market for marijuana sales in Alaska, plenty of Alaskans are leading the charge to help develop world-class strains for all uses.