The Mini Pre-Rolls Trend

Jun 4, 2022 | Cannabis Blog

The world of cannabis and marijuana evolves largely out of choice—but also out of necessity. The Covid-19 pandemic made it precarious for consumers to share joints. But they still didn’t want to lose the communality and sense of companionship that follows weed consumption.

While mini pre-rolls have been around for the last five or six years, their use has increased dramatically with the pandemic and people’s concerns about sharing joints. Aside from valid questions of hygiene, people have turned to smaller joints because they can be enjoyed within minutes and still deliver the full potency and benefits of a large pre-roll.

At Hillside Natural Wellness Anchorage Dispensary we wanted to highlight these as another way of making the most of your purchase at our shop.

What Are Mini Pre-Rolls?

Mini pre-rolls are small marijuana rolls that usually contain 0.5 or even 0.25 grams of cannabis. They come in various strains to cover all people’s choices and personal needs. They are usually packaged in small metal containers that can hold 10 or 12 pre-rolls.

What Are the Benefits of Mini Pre-Rolls?

They’re quick! Mini pre-rolls are called dog-walkers because they can be smoked in the time it would take you to take a short walk around the block with your furry four-legged friend. Better yet, a typical joint for a normal user might be a bit to much, and lighting up a “J” that second time never tastes the same as the first. This shorter roll has just enough to administer the effect you’re looking for.

Mini Marijuana Pre-Rolls Are Safer

Hear us out! In a world of post-pandemic fear and caution, mini pre-rolls are the answer to many people’s needs. While smoking a joint with friends, family, and sometimes perfect strangers is something a lot of are prone to do, the challenges of safety and better hygiene have made it more complicated. Hence, the arrival of the mini pre-roll, which solves these problems.

Shorter joints can be smoked within minutes and don’t need to be shared. Buy a pack of them and share with friends. Everyone gets a joint. No one loses! That faster to finish with the short joint not only leaves in a good spot with friends, they’re far more likely to be finished in one session. Compared to a regular sized preroll, you won’t have to take a few puffs and then put your joint out for a relight later. Mini pre-rolls have been created to make it easy and comfortable for people to take in the benefits of marijuana without consuming large quantities of cannabis.

Mini Pre-Rolls Are Great for Beginners

Beginners, as well as occasional cannabis consumers, appreciate the comfortable—yet manageable—size of shorter joints. If you are green with green, and don’t know a good place to start, as in, purchase, light, enjoy, maybe go back for more, mini pre-rolls are arguably the best way. A few puffs will show you how you feel without overwhelming you. It’s best to start slow after all. Slow in cannabis means less. Shorter puffs, smaller bowls.

Mini pre-rolls are also excellent for occasional marijuana consumers. People who only like to experiment with marijuana on weekends or on special occasions often appreciate shorter joints that can be finished and enjoyed on the spot.

Short Joints May Even Satisfy Those With High Tolerance

Cannabis comes in over 700 strains. As cannabis growers become better at cultivating cannabis and innovating their methods, they develop more potent marijuana, and often that’s aided by genetics, producing strains 3 to 4 times more powerful than predecessors. Consumers and laboratories have noticed that. While in the past the average THC content hovered around 8 to 10%, more recent development allows strains often contain over 20% THC.

What does that mean for mini pre-rolls? Because of the increased THC potency, your shorter joint will still deliver all the benefits you want. You won’t be missing on relaxation or your desired effect.

Shorter Joints Deliver Manageable Drop-offs and Hangovers

Weed hangover is an effect the smoking cannabis can cause, and presents in different ways. For some it’s drowsiness, fogginess, and headaches and all are widely attributed to cannabis consumption.

If you are prone to not feeling so great after a general smoke session, shorter joints may be a great option for you, as smaller cannabis quantities are less likely to lead to a hangover. You can enjoy your mini pre-roll during an evening with friends and still be active and fresh the next morning at work.

When you smoke a small 0.50 gr marijuana joint, your body takes in fewer cannabinoids, THC primarily. That smaller amount may be easier for your body to process, metabolize, and be rid of. That way, you still experience the benefits of marijuana without any unpleasant effects—it’s the best of both worlds.

You Can Mix-And-Match Your Cannabis Strains

Thanks to certain stages of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, strains differ widely between them. Some are relaxing, others are energizing, and some boost your imagination and creative spirit.

Marijuana consumers can now select maybe more strains to choose from because they’re delivered in smaller,  more convenient quantities. You can buy different shorter joints and consume them according to your needs. Some marijuana mini pre-rolls are better suited for relaxation before sleep. Others will help you face a difficult and stressful day. Mix-and-match pre-rolls can make your life easier, more adaptable, and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

Many brands have devised mini pre-roll ranges with different cannabis strains. People can choose the strain that best fits their expectations and enjoy relaxation, focus, or a creative boost with a smaller cannabis quantity.

Shorter Joints Are Discreet

Mini pre-rolls are discreet and easy to consume. Within minutes you will have finished your joint and there will not be a lingering smell or any smoke. Likewise, your purse or bag will not smell of unfinished marijuana joints.

You can pop out, smoke your shorter joint, and continue your routine in a tactful way. People will hardly notice your short joint and before anyone can smell the weed, you will have finished your mini pre-roll. Not that we’re condoning smoking where you shouldn’t be, but if discretion is key, shorties like these can be a big aid.

Shorter Joints Are Making Marijuana Consumption Easier

We conclude shorter joints make marijuana consumption easier and more versatile. They are discreet and small enough for beginners and occasional marijuana consumers.

Their small size doesn’t mean they don’t come with a punch, though: they will deliver the expected THC benefits within minutes but with a shorter—if any—hangover. They have the ideal potency, particularly for people who can’t finish a larger pre-roll in one go.

More importantly, dog-walkers are safer to use when it comes to hygiene. Instead of sharing a single joint with your friends, you can buy a box of mini pre-rolls and distribute them amongst them. That way, you still enjoy the companionship and camaraderie that are associated with marijuana without any risks.

This personalized consumption makes marijuana more individualized and better adjusted to people’s preferences. It comes on top of several other marijuana options like edibles, drinks, pills, capsules, and flowers. The marijuana industry is constantly evolving to deliver better choices with the finest cannabis strains.

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